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Unit: Checking fit of cabinets

Section: Introduction

MSFKB3003: Check and measure fit of cabinets

Competencies covered

MSFKB3003: Check and measure fit of cabinets


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In the workshop, cabinets are always manufactured 'square and true', with 90 degree corners and straight, parallel sides.

But that doesn't mean that when you get to the jobsite the floors and walls will be the same!

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Buildings are never perfect, because there are so many materials and components that go into the structure, and lots of people involved in constructing them.

In older buildings the variations may be more exaggerated, because some parts are likely to have 'settled' more than others over the years, resulting in deviations in floor levels and wall angles.

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In this unit, we'll examine the sorts of on-site measurements and levels you need to check before installing pre-fabricated cabinets, so that you can make any last-minute adjustments required to achieve a good fit.

We'll also cover the main pieces of equipment that installers use when checking measurements and levels.

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Preparing for this unit

There are no formal prerequisites for this unit. However, you will find it easier to undertake the assignments and practical demonstrations required if you have already completed the following units:

Making measurements

Installation requirements.

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You should also revise the safety aspects of working on-site from the two units shown below. If you need to remind yourself about the regulations and safe work practices that apply to this type of work, go to these units now and follow the links to the relevant sections.

Working safely

Preparing for installation

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Working through this unit

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There are two sections in this unit:

  1. Checking measurements

  2. Using measuring devices

Each section contains an Overview, an Assignment, and Lessons which cover the content material. The links to these pages will appear in the side menu bar when you select the main link for that section.

Practical demonstration

Your final assessment of competency in this unit will include demonstrations of your ability to put your knowledge into practice and physically carry out the process of checking the measure and fit of cabinets. To help you get ready for these hands-on assessment activities, have a look at the Practical demonstration checklist by clicking on the link below:

Practical demonstration checklist

The checklist sets out the sorts of things your trainer will be looking for when you undertake the practical demonstrations. Make sure you talk to your trainer or supervisor about any of the details that you don't understand, or aren't ready to demonstrate, before the assessment event is organised. This will give you time to get the hang of the tasks you will need to perform, so that you'll feel more confident when the time comes to be assessed. When you are able to tick all of the YES boxes in the checklist you will be ready to carry out the practical demonstration component of this unit.

Select the link below to go to the first section of this unit.

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