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Unit: Fabricating cabinets

Section: Introduction

MSFKB3005: Fabricate cabinets for the built-in environment

Competencies covered

MSFKB3005: Fabricate cabinets for the built-in environment


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In this unit, we'll examine the processes involved in assembling and finishing cabinets in the workshop.

We'll also look at the most common materials and hardware items used in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

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Workshops typically use a lot of high speed production processes requiring specialised machines and tools, sometimes involving patented systems developed by the product manufacturer.

We won't go into the details of how to operate particular types of equipment in this unit because there are often specific techniques that apply to certain machines and models.

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You will cover the actual operation of different types of machines and tools in other competencies from your trade course.

There's a wide range of competencies available, and your trainer will help you to choose the most appropriate ones for the type of work you do.

Your choice is likely to include some or all of the competencies shown below.

Competencies relating to machines used in making kitchen and bathroom cabinets
LMFFM3020B Set up, operate and maintain sawing machines
LMFFM3021B Set up, operate and maintain drilling machines
LMFFM3023B Set up, operate and maintain planing and finishing machines
LMFFM3025B Set up, operate and maintain routing and shaping machines
LMFFM3027B Set up, operate and maintain automated edge banding machines
LMFFM3030B Set up, operate and maintain CNC sizing machines
LMFFM3031B Set up, operate and maintain CNC machining and processing centres

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Working through this unit

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There are three sections in this unit:

  • Manufactured boards

  • Cutting and edging

  • Assembling the cabinet.

Each section contains an Overview, an Assignment, and Lessons which cover the content material. The links to these pages will appear in the side menu bar when you select the main link for that section.

Practical demonstration

Your final assessment of competency in this unit will include various practical demonstrations. Their purpose is to assess your ability to fabricate kitchen or bathroom cabinets in a workshop. To help you get ready for these hands-on assessment activities, have a look at the Practical demonstration checklist by clicking on the link below:

Practical demonstration checklist

The checklist sets out the sorts of things your trainer will be looking for when you undertake the practical demonstrations. Make sure you talk to your trainer or supervisor about any of the details that you don't understand, or aren't ready to demonstrate, before the assessment event is organised. This will give you time to get the hang of the tasks you will need to perform, so that you'll feel more confident when the time comes to be assessed. When you are able to tick all of the YES boxes in the checklist you will be ready to carry out the practical demonstration component of this unit.

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