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Unit: Working safely

Section: Managing risks

MSAPMOHS200A: Work safely

Competencies covered

MSAPMOHS200A: Work safely


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Risk management is all about identifying hazards and minimising - or 'controlling' - the risk of them causing an illness or injury.

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The most effective way to identify risks and decide on what action should be taken is to carry out a risk assessment, using the following three steps:

  1. identify the hazards

  2. assess the risks

  3. control the risks.
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Employers have a legal responsibility to identify, assess and control risks whenever they install new equipment, or change the way things are done, or learn that new information has become available on the materials or processes they use.

In this section, we'll look in detail at the three-step process of carrying out a risk assessment.

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Completing this section

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The assignment for this section will introduce you to the process of carrying out a risk assessment. Have a look at the assignment now to see what you'll need to do to complete it.

Also in the menu bar are links to the lessons for this section:

  • Identifying hazards

  • Assessing risks

  • Controlling risks

  • Wearing PPE.

These lessons will provide you with background information that will help you with the assignment.

The Just for fun exercise will allow you to guess which parts of the body are most likely to be injured in a manufacturing accident. This sort of knowledge is useful when you are identifying hazards in the workplace and assessing the risks that they pose to workers.

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