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Unit: Working safely

Section: Safety policies and procedures

MSAPMOHS200A: Work safely

Competencies covered

MSAPMOHS200A: Work safely

Just for fun

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Here are some questions designed to test your general knowledge of WHS. See if you can answer them correctly by selecting either True or False for each one.

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1. Under the law, the employer carries the main responsibility for ensuring that the workplace is safe.true
2. If an employee refuses to wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and they get injured, they only have themselves to blame.false
3. If an employee has good reason to believe that a task they are about to do may put someone at risk of injury or illness, they can refuse to do it.true
4. Most accidents are just bad luck - you can never really prevent them.false
5. Employees should report hazards that they notice in their workplace even if the hazard doesn't directly concern them.true
6. Supervisors should carry out a safety inspection in their area of the workplace on a regular basis.true